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As you enter the Cantina (bar area), you may notice a Buck standing in the corner near the window. This is a symbol of where it all began. Originally, Bucktales was located in a small charming stand alone building just off of State Hwy 35. The property was a remote land surrounded by trees, deer, and other wildlife... Hence the name "Bucktales". 


Bucktales Bar itself had a small seating space with less than 10 tables and a short bar with about 10 bar stools. With that, we opened the kitchen serving a modest menu of just 9 (YES, just nine) Food Items on the menu which included Burgers, Sandwiches, and a bit of Mexican Flavor. Overall, it was simply our dream to create "A Little Bit For Everyone" And to simply Share the Variety of Foods in Which We Love as a Family With the Surrounding Community.

Flash Forward a few years and Bucktales has now relocated downtown Superior on Tower Ave.  During our transition downtown into the Old Shorty's Building, we learned of the loved recipes, and the Canadian Smoked Meat, which was featured on the Food Network's, Diner's Drive-In & Dives!! And we loved those In-House Made Pizza's & Specialty Smoked Meat, We Acquired the Recipes to Incorporate Within Our Menu. 


As we continue to grow, everyday we still aim to simply share the food we love as a family with you. Bucktales is still that place with the Burgers, Sandwiches and Mexican Flavor...while now we have extended our reach into Pizza's and that Canadian Style Smoked Meat...Overall, we have become even more of that place which has

"A Little Bit For Everyone".

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